Maybe it is a good idea to make a set of keys for song-list widget, (This is the treeview with the columns and the songs content) These bindings will be the same everywhere.

Section 1:

  • +A-[0-9] Works also for searching between browsers, this is done based on the order specified by the user.

  • q: Should F1-0 follow same scheme

  • +<C-Tab> Switch to next browser

  • +<C-S-Tab> Switch to prev browser.

  • -TAB key is used by default to switch focus in GUI programs, not good to bind.

Section 2:

  • X should be crop.. (space-X should do what you specified)

  • + space Center and select current song.

  • - I do not want to implement add random.

  • q: How do you envision going left/right in the play queue?

  • /: This works as a filter.

  • -?: Does not exists, because search is filter, there is no point.

  • +Esc: Close filter mode.

  • +Enter: Activate active row (aka play).

  • +m Edit columns (all song-lists)

Section 3:

  • -Q: You cannot deque here. Only in play-queue.

  • -e: Tag editor is deprecated.

Section 4:

  • +Add a keybinding to add all the returned results at once.

Section 5:

See previous remarks.

Section 6:

See previous remarks.